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South Africa Flag Pin


Enameled filled, nickel plated brass

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The South Africa flag pin is enameled filled, nickel plated brass.

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About the flag of South Africa (source from Wikipedia)

The flag has horizontal bands of red (on the top) and blue (on the bottom), of equal width, separated by a central green band which splits into a horizontal “Y” shape, the arms of which end at the corners of the hoist side (and follow the flag’s diagonals). The Y embraces a black isosceles triangle from which the arms are separated by narrow yellow bands; the red and blue bands are separated from the green band and its arms by narrow white stripes. The stripes at the fly end are in the 5:1:3:1:5 ratio.

According to official South African government information, the South African flag is “a synopsis of principal elements of the country’s flag history.” Although different people may attribute personal symbolism to the individual colours or colour combinations, “no universal symbolism should be attached to any of the colours.” The only symbolism in the flag is the V or Y shape, which can be interpreted as “the convergence of diverse elements within South African society, taking the road ahead in unity”.

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